Akshay Kumar Car Collection 2021 | Akshay Kumar car collection.

One of the greatest and cashable names in the Bollywood business is Akshay Kumar. His activity scenes, tricks, wellness and extraordinary comic planning have governed the hearts of millions. Like the greater part of the Bollywood crew, Khiladi additionally claims a scope of vehicles that incorporate many top names and costly sticker prices. As Akshay carries on with a relaxed life, relatively few know pretty much the entirety of his vehicles. Along these lines, here is the rundown of vehicles that are a pleased piece of his carport. In this article we will tell you about Akshay Kumar car collection.

Akshay Kumar AKA Mr. Khiladi of Bollywood is known for his flexibility and difficult work. Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia is Akshay Kumar’s genuine name. Akshay Kumar is additionally known for his wellness and propensity for making 5 to 6 movies in long term which clearly are blockbusters on a film industry.

Akshay Kumar’s the greater part of vehicles have digits twofold 9 on their number plates as he has faith in numerology.


Akshay Kumar Car Collection 2021 | Akshay Kumar car collection.

Who is khiladi bhaiya of bollywood ?

Akshay Kumar car collection

Akshay Kumar cars Price
Rolls-Royce Phantom VII Rs. 9.50 Cr.
Mercedes-Benz GLS Rs. 1.04 Cr.
Porsche Cayenne Rs. 1.20 – ₹ 1.90 Cr.
Mercedes-Benz V-Class Rs. 1.46 Cr.
Range Rover Vogue Rs. 2.11 crores
Honda CR-V Rs. 28.34 lakh
Jeep Compass Rs. 17 – 30 lakh
Mercedes GL350 CDi Rs. 7.77 lakh

1. Mercedes-Benz GLS

Akshay Kumar cars in 2021 | Akshay Kumar car collection.

Akki owns Mercedes-Benz GLS, which is considered as one of the sport car of Mercedes-Benz. GLS is one of the most luxurious car. It accelerates 0-100 kmph in 6.3 Seconds. Top speed of the car is 238 kmph. It costs around ₹1.04 Cr.


Akshay Kumar cars in 2021 | Akshay Kumar car collection.

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Q Where can I see Sooryavanshi?

A Watch Suryavanshi – Disney+ Hotstar.

Q What is the story of Sooryavanshi?
A Starting off from where Akshay Kumar`s character was introduced in Simmba, Sooryavanshi traces the acts and serious antics of DCP Veer Sooryavanshi, the chief of the Anti-Terrorism Squad in India.


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