Top Travel Gadgets For the Thrifty Traveller

[ad_1] If you ever saw the high-tech African safari movie Congo, you probably know where the state-of-the-art in travel gadgetry is – tent air-conditioners, laser detectors to catch animals roaming too close, and so on. There is another way to go about traveling too, and that involves roughing it. You set forth into the wild … Read more

Bangkok: A Young Traveller’s Guide

[ad_1] Bangkok is an exotic, friendly, and beautiful city in southern Thailand. It is the capital of Thailand, it has over eight million people and it is the cultural center of the country. It’s a place of outrageous nightlife and beautiful temples, of delicious food and sweltering heat, of crowded streets and massive markets. There … Read more

Vienna: A Young Traveller’s Guide

[ad_1] Vienna, Austria, is a beautiful city with a colorful history, it is a cultural center especially for Classical and operatic music and the arts. As the former capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, there are countless Imperial monuments and palaces, many spectacular museums and ornate churches and cathedrals. It is a city of many concerts, … Read more

The Motionless Traveller by Author Aspi Doctor, a Spiritual Journey

[ad_1] The Motionless Traveller by Author Aspi Doctor I thought it fitting to play my Dalai Lama CD while contemplating the novel I have just finished; “The Motionless Traveller” by author Aspi Doctor. It assists in setting the tone while I attempt to articulate the many levels of knowledge woven in between the lines for … Read more

Backpacking Vs Organized Tours – A Decision Every Traveller Faces

[ad_1] In planning my RTW adventure, I have been giving considerable thought to the options of backpack solo, or booking into an organised tour. In my past travels, I have done a combination of both organised tours and backpacking solo and both have their good and bad points. ORGANISED TOURS – THE GOOD… Time Poor … Read more

Travel Safety – The Top 5 Security Products That Any Traveller Needs

[ad_1] Are you a traveller who takes every new mod-con with them when travelling overseas? Or are you so afraid of being pick-pocketed or mugged that you don’t actually enjoy the culture and your surroundings? Read the Top 5 Security Products that any traveller needs when overseas. 1. Padlock or Combination Lock Padlocks and combination … Read more