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What is the budget of Ladakh Trip in 2022 ? 


Leh ladakh, is the adventure  capital of country which is surrounded by mountains and landscapes . This beautiful designation shares boundary with Tibet like it is also known as little Tibet. This is very famous tourist designation spot leh ladakh.  Is a stretch of null vegetation hills , think snows , water bodies etc. Travelling along through mountains , camping on a high altitude. lake on a snow capped mountain hills in this blog we are going to talk about the various attraction. Of leh ladakh here I am going to a budget trip to leh ladakh for everyone. Great place


Best attraction of Leh ladakh 


Ladakh, beauty canot express in words this is the home place of superabundance attractions. Everything about ladakh is exhilarating sightseeing spots are so unique here ladakh has some places. That cannot be missed here is the list of  top five places to visit in leh ladakh. which can make your trip memorable for life. And in your buget its is very important to set a buget for any trip. So today I am going to helping everyone to set a budget trip to leh ladakh.

1 ) Khardung La Pass

The gateway to the shyok and nubra valleys khardung la pass is the topmost motorable pass in the world. According to border road organization this place and offers fantastic view at the height of 18,500 ft. Above sea level while travelling through the khardung la pass on the bike. Because this fascating view is bound to give heart bubbles.

2) Magnetic Hills

 magnetic hills in leh ladakh. The creativity of natTTure

On this particular part of the Srinagar – leh highway you will clearly see the road going uphills. The magnetic hill is a gravity hill which gives you an illusion. Of a car travelling uphill on a downhill track. It will slowly start moving and can go upto like 20 kilometers per hour on its own. Mysterious, because this is one of the kind optical illusion and is a rare. That will show you the creativity of nature.

3 ) Pangong Tso Lake

Pangong Tso Lake in leh ladakh

Pangong Tso Lake one of the most beautiful and high altitudes lake. In leh ladakh pangong tso is a Tibetan word have you remember the climax scence. Of  3idots  where chatur lost his challenge. And the backdrop of the scence is the lake view of Pangong Tso lake. If you decided to go on the trip of leh ladakh don’t forget to visit Pangon Tso Lake. Because you cannot describe the beauty of lake in a words.

4 ) Nubra valley

Nubra valley in Ladakh

Nubra Valley is one of the must visit place in leh ladakh. Specially if you are visiting for the first time. A desert in the middle of snow crapped hilly train is a surprise treat ladakh. Has for every tourist travelling with on the two humped camel. I am so sure to give you an Arabian night experience best time to visit Nubra valley. To explore the beauty in the month of july to September.

5) Zanskar valley

Zanskar valley in leh ladakh

With in elevation of 12000 feet surrounded by deep gorges and lofty mountains. Where vistors get to admire this beautiful combination of mountains and river. In one frame some of the most famous tourist attraction. But in zanskar district are like mounastries , Zongal , Zongkhul , Stongdey.


How Tp Calculate Budget Trip To leh ladakh in 2022



The cost of a trip is the next big question on your mind. Once you set to travel to ladakh. So dont miss the mystical and exotic beauty of ladakh. And it can be experienced on the budget. This means the cost of stay as well as having food while on the ladakh trip. Increases combined with the fact that the self drive cars. Are not allowed for sightseeing in ladakh. However in today article like i will share tips and tricks. That how you can pan a budget trip to leh ladakh.


Budget Transport

Opting for public transport is the best option while planning a budget trip to leh ladakh. And we can use various HRTC buses in leh ladakh you are able to see shared taxi. Without much fuss at all you can also hire two wheeler for sightseeing. it is a better option which fares in between Rs 600-900Rs /day compared to rental cars and taxis.

Budget Accomodation

In leh ladakh you will find numerous guest house like at very cheap and reasonable rates. Because they are very comfortable to buy and pocket friendly for everyone. You can also stay in Chadar tent which cost almost around Rs 400- 500 /person night.


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