How to visit Dubai after Lockdown | Flight, Hotel, Visa, Insurance, COVID Test Report, ICMR approved

DubaiWorld’s best tourist destination. Now if you want to travel to Dubai after this COVID pandemic then you should watch this video till the end. In this video, we will tell you about the ways to go to Dubai. What are the required documents? How to get the visa? Which are the flights? What are the best hotels and places to visit there? So watch this video till the end and if you are new to then subscribe to our channel. Just hit the red button and press the bell icon. <Logo> Dubai is an amazing place. And here you will find something interesting for every age group. Whether you go with your life partner or friends or even family. Dubai will remain an ideal tourist destination. Although it’s a bit difficult to go to Dubai during this pandemic. As there are some travel rules that you have to follow.

When we went to Dubai in 2019 than it was slightly easier. And if someone wants to go to Dubai now then they will try to find the easiest way to reach there. It’s possible that you have to go through a lot of rules and regulations. So we have tried to cover up all the rules in this video itself. First of all, we will tell you about the visa structure. How many types of visa(s) are there in Dubai and how to get it? Then we will tell you about the price and booking of the flight tickets. Along with the hotel, we will tell you a few more points which you must know if you are traveling internationally right now. And most importantly, what you should do to safeguard yourself from COVID 19. So let’s start with Dubai’s visa. In order to go to Dubai, every Indian needs to get a visa.

They need a tourist visa. Although if you are Indian and you have a passport with a tourist visa of USA then you can get a visa on arrival. Visa on arrival means you can fly to Dubai without getting a visa and at Dubai airport, you will get the visa on arrival. But if you don’t have a travel visa of the USA or you don’t have a green card then you have to get your Dubai visa from India only. There are 4 types of tourist visas in Dubai. Firstly there is a ‘96-hours transit visa.’ Which means that you have to go somewhere from Dubai and you want to get out of the airport then you should have a 96-hours transit visa. Another one is a 14-days tourist visa. In this you will get a visa for 14 days you can travel there for 14 days after which you have to come back. The third is the 30 days tourist visa and another one is a 90 days tourist visa. So depending on your travel requirements you can get 14 days, 30 days, or 90 days tourist visa. The most popular one is 30 days visa and the maximum people opt for it.

And there’s not much difference in the prices of 14 days and 30 days visa. I suggest you get the 30 days to travel visa if going to Dubai. Now how to apply for 30 days travel visa. If you visit google search engine and type travel visa for Dubai then you will encounter many websites that will provide you Dubai visa online. So should we get our visa from these websites or not? Guys, I would suggest that if you will try for a Dubai visa on your own then you can face a lot of difficulties that’s why approaching such agents to get your visa. And let me tell you one more thing that an express service is also available for Dubai visa within 2 days. Otherwise, it takes 4-5 days to get a Dubai visa. So let’s jump to our next point. How to book flights for Dubai? What are the rates of flights and which all flights are available as of now? Flights to Dubai aren’t very much expensive if compared to other countries. The last time when we went to Dubai then the flight tickets cost me 20k per head. Now let’s see this time,

which all flights are available and what’s the price? To book any international flight you can visit the website of any airlines or any travel agent. Here I have come to this website where I have filled the route which is Delhi to Dubai during the time period 1st October 2020 to 5th October 2020. Right now, I am checking the price for a single traveler, economy class. So the cheapest tickets available here are from indigo airlines for 14000 and spice jet too. But along with this, there is also a message written here that Dubai and Sharjah are open for passengers with any type of visa. It’s that if you get a Dubai visa mow then you can visit Dubai and Sharjah and the same tourist visa will work. If you want to go to Abu Dhabi, it’s open only for the residents. This is the status as of now when we are uploading this video. It’s possible that it might open till October and comparatively, prices are also cheap. It’s 14000 here, we bought it for 20000, so it might be cheap for you to travel now.

As soon as you check the other airlines like Air Arabia and Emirates then the prices vary between 19000 to 25000. When you will click on the flight details then you will get more details about the flight. Like the cabin bag in flight shouldn’t exceed 7 kg of weight. And check-in bag should not exceed 30 kg. It will take 3hrs and 45 mins for you to reach Dubai if you go by direct flight. One more notice about the price of flights. It’s possible that you have to pay a bit more price than the mentioned one. It is so because these are the prices including all the taxes but when you reach the payment page. Then the mode of payment that you are using, which can be net banking or credit card, so the payment charges of that mode also have to be borne by you. So as soon as we have reached the payment page, the price has become 14907 in which 859 rupees have been added as maintenance fees. So guys make sure that the convenience fees are also added there when you go to book the tickets of flight. So let’s move to the next point. Which is of hotel booking. There is every type of hotel in Dubai. Those hotels surpass one another in terms of beauty and luxury. And you can get a hotel according to your budget. Whether it is a 5-star hotel, beach resort, or even 3 stars or 4 stars, everything is available as per your budget. So when we visited Dubai with our family. Then we booked hotel apartments in Dubai, name of which was flora Greek situated in Dera,

Dubai. So why did we book a hotel in Dera, Dubai and why did we go for a flora apartment? There’s a reason behind it too. Which could be the most advantageous location in Dubai for booking a hotel? That’s your decision. But before that, you need to know all this. Dubai is a very big city and its surrounds by tourist attractions. For instance, Burj Khalifa, Dubai mall, Dubai frame, Dubai gold souk market, palm islands, amusement park,s and even many water parks. So if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature in Dubai like beach resorts then you should book a hotel in the palm islands. But if you want your hotel to be close to the airport, should be within the budget, shouldn’t be expensive and quality is also not compromised then you can book a hotel near the Greek river where we booked a hotel in Dera, Dubai. If you want to take a hotel in the city center and you want lots of luxuries and your hotel should be near to all the places and where all the types of hotels are available either 2 stars, 3 stars, or 5 star then you should book a hotel in the city center. Now, how to book a hotel room? The same process goes down by booking a hotel room. Visit any merchant website, type there ‘Dubai’ we have selected here Dubai as our destination, check-in on 1st October, and check out on 4th October.

And right now we are enquiring about 1 room only for 2 guests. So as soon a click on the search button, we come across a lot of options. Just like here, you can see, 564 properties are available in Dubai as shown and registered on this website. How to find a good hotel? Many people think that if they are in Dubai then they have to stay at a five-star hotel and enjoy the luxury. So is a 5-star hotel available in our budget? You can check it here itself very easily. First of all, we will apply a filter here which would be of a five-star hotel. We scrolled down and applied this 5-star hotel filter. And in this list, there are 148 five star hotels. Now which all hotels are within our budget? For this, we applied this too low to high. It will shortlist the hotels. When we clicked it, we got to see the cheapest 5-star hotels in Dubai, registered on this merchant website. It’s possible that there might be more cheap hotels as well but on this website, this is the cheapest one. As shown here the cheapest room at a five-star hotel in Dubai is for 2452 rupees. So guys it’s not as a deal to get a five-star hotel room for 2500 (approx.) If we want to check the rooms then we can also do so. The rooms seem very beautiful. So this was the cheapest although you can scroll up and check other hotels too. For 3000, you can get a room at Pullman,

Dubai near Jumeirah lakes which is also not a very bad option. And if you want an area-specific hotel then you can apply a filter for that too. As here is written Downtown Dubai which is a part of Central Dubai. So all these options are available for you. So after visa, flight, and hotel booking it’s time to know about the documents required to enter Dubai which you can book on your own. The 4th document is a very important one, which is travel insurance. And at this time of the COVID pandemic, this travel insurance is too necessary. I would suggest you opt for the insurance which covers COVID 19 although no company would provide a written confirmation that it covers COVID 19. Maybe they orally say you that they cover COVID 19 but they won’t give you in writing. And if they give it to you in written then that’s great and just blindfolded opt for that insurance. The fifth document required is a COVID 19 test report. And this report has to be negative. Now, where to get this report from? And what are the rules and regulations? Firstly this test has to be conducted for you by ICMR approved labs only. Only the test report of ICMR labs are valid.

So check for the nearest ICMR to get your test done. For that, the best way according to me is the Arogya Setu app. Where to find about ICMR approved labs nearby from the Arogya Setu app. When you will open your Arogya Setu app then this would be the home screen. When you will scroll down then you will find this ‘laboratory with COVID 19 testing facilities’ Click on it and you will reach the page where you will get 2 types of labs one is govt. approved labs and other is private labs. I would suggest you go for private labs as govt. labs take a lot of time to provide reports and I am not very much impressed by the facilities as well. So you can find all the private labs nearby you. Just click on it, and it will shortlist those private labs which are nearby you. Right now, it is showing labs near to my location. So when you will try it with your location on the Arogya Setu app then it will show labs near you. Guys this app must also be there on your phone when boarding the flight.

Because without the Arogya Setu app you won’t be allowed to board. And that’s how you book flights, hotels, and visa for Dubai. So I hope you like the video if so then do hit the like button. And if you think it can be of some use then do share it with your family and friends. And if you are new to this channel then don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. Just press the red button and the bell icon. After this video, we will show you how to visit the top places in Dubai? How to book the tickets? And what’s the best way to travel? Such that you have to pay less and you get to travel more. So guys do watch this entire series of Dubai, link given in cards and description. And the question for the comment contest of this video is, the answer of which is not in this video. We want you to tell us the answer in the comment section. The question is this… How old your COVID 19 report should be when you are boarding the flight? Like when you land in Dubai, then how old reports will be acceptable? If it is older then it won’t be acceptable so what is that number of days or hours, you have mentioned that in the comment section. as you know whoever comments the most in Anuj Bucket will get couple movie tickets absolutely free or equilibrium Paytm Cash So keep commenting and watching our videos. So it was very nice to be with you again. Be well.Namaste.



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