Kingston Jamaica: Discover 3 Hidden Secrets of Kingston Many Travellers Miss


Hellshire Beach

Hellshire Beach- An unspoilt and untouched little piece of paradise… just thirty minutes outside of Jamaica’s capital, Kingston, is a dream come true for those seeking fun, crystal clear waters and lots of ‘Fish’.

If you are looking for an authentic Jamaican experience and to be immersed in the local culture, then Hellshire is the place to be.

The Two Faces of Hellshire

Be sure to reach Hellshire before mid morning if you are looking for peace and tranquillity. At this time you have a chance to connect with the sea and the land… You may want to swim, stretch on the beach or just read a book.

By mid day Hellshire is a bee hive of activity with lots of laughter, excitement, fun and adventure. At this time the heart of Jamaica’s culture is everywhere… For the thrill seekers, there are fishermen with their little fishing boats who will take you on a cruise and bargain for the last penny…

Want to browse on the beach or shop for crafts items? There is a gallery of little mobile shops with lots to choose from… There are even mobile massage beds for you to have a soothing Massage… This is the Real Jamaica… Get the live experience…

The Fish & Bammy Experience

No trip to Hellshire is complete without Bammy and Fish… For locals and visitors, a meal of Bammy & fish is not just food but a complete cultural experience.

In little huts sprawled right on the edge of the water, fishermen take their daily catch for the’ hungry crowd.’ This fresh fish is mixed with secret spices and fried over fires with huge logs.

The combination of fresh fish cooking over a log fire with the backdrop of the sea and cool breeze is a unique experience.

The Theatre

If you want to see the Jamaican culture up close, then don’t miss the opportunity to visit the theatre on a trip to Jamaica.

Jamaica has a rich history in the theatre. Just after the abolition of slavery several amateur and other touring companies came to Jamaica to perform. The plantation owners and the rich were a ready market.

One of the most popular forms of the theatre is the Pantomime (An English play blended with Jamaican traditions) the characters in the play are drawn from the everyday experiences of life and they give practical advice through amusing stories.

Roots plays are also very popular. They are usually full of humour and depict the culture of the island.

Port Royal- Discover How It Was Once Known As The ‘Wickedest City in the World

A visit to Port Royal is a chance to step back in time and learn the history of Jamaica’s first city, once known as the ‘Wickedest place on earth.’ With narrow streets, Spanish Architecture, and buildings dating back to the 16th century, you have a chance to see Jamaica as it was, a heaven for Pirates and Buccaneers who preyed upon and plundered heavily laden treasure fleets on their way from the Spanish Main.

The Destruction of Port Royal

Your knowledgeable guide will continue this fascinating history of Port Royal by telling you how this vibrant city was destroyed by an earthquake in 1692, burying gold and other precious treasures in the Sea.

Continue your tour by exploring the ruins of this historic city. See St. Peter’s Anglican Church built in 1725 and explore Fort Charles one of the six forts that guarded the town built in 1655.

Learn about Sir Henry Morgan the most notorious and famous Buccaneer who later became the first Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica.

Port Royal Today

Today, this sleepy town is known for ‘Fish & Bammy’ (Bammy is bread made from cassava) eating Fish & Bammy, either fried or steamed, is a ‘must do’ for any visitor to Port Royal.

Many travellers come to the island and do not visit Kingston and miss the place that is the heart beat of Jamaica and the cultural and entertainment centre of the Caribbean.


Source by Maureen Wright-Evans



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