Pet friendly hotels in Shimla

Pet Friendly Hotels: A New Trend in Hospitality

If you and your family have pets, leaving them at home during a vacation can be difficult. Putting your animals in a kennel can be expensive, but it can be difficult to find someone to pet sit from your home. Fortunately, there is a solution. These days pet friendly hotels are attractive more and more popular in many city. Like there is a lot of Pet friendly hotels in Shimla

pet friendly hotels in shimla

Pet friendly hotels allow travellers to bring their animal friends with them instead of boarding them in a kennel or hiring a caretaker to stay with them during the trip. These places are dedicated to making animals feel comfortable while also giving owners the peace of mind knowing that their animals are safe and well nourished. If you are planning to visit Shimla these summers and want to know the best Pet friendly hotels in Shimla you are at a right place

Some luxury establishments even treat animals as miniature VIPs, catering to their every whim and pampering them. For example, they may have a special room service menu for animals, leave toys in all the rooms, and provide special doggy and kitty beds that will give animals a good night’s sleep. A hotel in Seattle even has animal psychiatrists, acupuncturists, and massage therapists on staff to truly pamper the pets that come to stay there.

These pet friendly hotels in shimla are able to accommodate devoted animal lovers by asking for a nonrefundable deposit from any guests that are bringing animals with them. This allows them to provide extra services and also repair any damage that animals may cause, such as chewing on furniture, scratching the carpets, or urinating inside the room.

There are the list of best Pet friendly hotels in Shimla

Pet friendly hotels in Shimla

1 ) Meena Bagh Shimla

Address : Sanjauli Engine Ghar Rd, Engine Ghar, Sanjauli, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171006

Contact No : 099100 92854

2 ) Snow Valley Resorts Shimla

Address : NH 22 Kachi Ghatti, Ghora Chowki, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171005

Contact No : 0177 263 3322

3 ) Hotel Hilltop

Address : Mall Road, near Sate Bank, Himachal Pradesh

Contact no : 0177 265 7383

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