Top 15 Best Places To Visit In Gujarat

Are you planning to visit some cozy places in Gujarat? Here we are going to share with you the Top 15 Best Places To Visit In Gujarat. Gujarat is Indian State located between Maharastra and Rajasthan. You might know some of the famous places we are going to discuss, tourist spots to must have a visit and the history related to those places. Actually, Gujarat has its roots in the Harappan Civilization, and with the support of local people, Gujarat Government has made the old architecture and mansions into hotels. You must consider Gujarat’s historical places, wildlife, the famous Statue of Unity, and many more for a visit. Let’s discuss the attractive tourist must-visit places in Gujarat.

1. Ahmedabad Old City

Being the capital of Gujarat, Ahemdabad is a must-visit place when you are planning to enjoy vacations. In 2017, it was declared India’s First UNESCO World Heritage City. Here you will be amazed to look at carved wooden homes and winding lanes. Ahmedabad shows the finest examples of Hindu-Islamic union, and you will get to know about Indo-Islamic architecture. Famous Gandhi Ji’s Ashram is also located here. If you want to stay, you can take the service of French Haveli.

2. Baroda (Vadodara)

Baroda has the famous Laxmi Vilas Palace, which is spread over 500 acres and is India’s largest private residence. It was formed by Gaekwad Family, the royal kingdom. The Royal Palace is open on daily basis for tourists, and you have to take a ticket of Rs 200 as an entry fee. The things to watch at Laxmi Vilas are the Darbar Hall, Coronation Room, Gaddi Hal, and the Royal Armoury. One thing more about Baroda is its Navratri festivals. It is located southeast of Ahmedabad.

3. Statue of Unity, Kevadia

It is on top choice of visitors when they want to visit Gujarat. The Statue of Unity represents Shri Sardar, Vallabhbhai Patel. The Statue has made considering tourists in mind, and you will find many activities to do at least for three days like the light show, cactus garden, handicraft stores, Ayurvedic wellness hub, children’s park, safari park, and many more. They have wanted luxury tents for staying tourists. It comes southeast of Vadodara.

4. Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park

Champaner and Pavagadh areas are full of trees, greenery, forest, worship places, hill forts, reservoirs, ancient wells, and spectacular residential areas. You will be pleased to visit the famous Jama Majid here. The people who are fond of nature will love to spend time with nature at Champaner and Pavagadh. It is located northeast of Vadodara.

5. Chhota Udepur District

Chhota Udepur is known for Tribal Heritage, and they organize Tribal Market on weekdays. You can do excellent Tribal Goods shopping. Here in Tejgadh village, Adivasi Academy is founded that has a showcase of paintings, music instruments, sculptures, worship images, and ancient agricultural equipment. The best time to visit Chhota Udepur is during Holi Festival. You will also enjoy Bhasha Van called a forest of languages. It is situated in Eastern Gujarat.

6. Sun Temple, Modhera

Solanki dynasty rulers laid the first stone of the renowned Sun Temple, which is mainly dedicated to the lord Sun. It is located in Modhera village in Northern Gujarat. The things to visit at Sun Temple are a carved stepped tank, the main shrine, stone sculptures, and its assembly hall. The first ray of the Sun falls on the sanctum. It is located in Northern Gujarat.

7. Rani ki Vav (the Queen’s Stepwell), Patan

Rani ki Vav was built in the 11th century in remembrance of Bhimdev I in the time of the Solanki dynasty. It is a kind of stepwell containing 7 Layers of steps. The layers include more than 500 prominent sculptures and 1000 mirrors. The Archeological Survey of India was discovered in 1980. It is situated side of the Saraswati River. It comes in Northern Gujarat.

8. Sidhpur Dawoodi Bohra

Muslim community has built colorful mansions with delightful architecture. It is also situated near the Saraswati river. The most colorful houses are vacant now as most of the owners are shifted abroad. Apart from this, it is also a center of attraction for Hindu pilgrims as you can plan to see Rudra Mahalaya Temple and other dotted temples, carved pillars, and water bodies. It is a part of the Patan and Modhera circuits.

9. Polo Forest, Sabarkantha District

Polo Forest is full of ancient Hindu temples and Jain temples situated mid of the jungle. It is a preferred spot for trekkers to visit old Hindu heritage. Once, Polo Forest was a happy city in the late 10th century, and it was maintained by the Idar kings. Rathod Rajputs, in the late 15th century, overtake Polo Forest. The best time to visit Polo Forest is between September to December as, after the monsoon, the forest is full of greenery. The Polo Forest comes in Northern Gujarat.

10. Idar Hill Fort, Sabarkantha District

Idar Town has situated near the Southern part of the Aravali mountain range. The view from the top of the Hill will mesmerize you. You will be able to see the remains of various places and temples. Also, Idar Hill is known for its wooden toys, which are handmade. You can buy wooden toys near the clock tower. It is located in Northern Gujarat.

11. Kutch Region

Kutch Region is also known as the Wild West of India. The Kutch area is primarily barren and harsh. The desert has small wetlands primarily formed in the monsoon season. These small wetlands are called Rann of Katch, famous for salt deserts. Kutch desert has a famous Bhuj region. You will be able to see the influence of the Indus Valley Civilization or Harappan city at Bhuj. The attractive spot at Bhuj is handicraft and ship-building skills. It is situated in Northwest Gujarat.

12. Dwarka

Dwarka comes in one of the Char Dham and Sapta Puri cities. It is the ancient kingdom of Lord Krishna, and the Janamastmi festivals are an attractive spot. You will mesmerize to see the Jagat Mandir temple, known as Dwarakadhish Temple. It is founded in during 200BC. You will enjoy decorated and colorful camels and Gomti Ghat water. The tea stalls are in high demand there. The sellers have specially handmade seashell jewelry. Also, there is Shivrajpur beach is clean and safe and has been awarded international Blue Flag certification recently. The location is near Western Gujarat on the side of the Gomati river.

13. Narara Marine National Park

Narara Marine National Park is situated in the way when we head towards Dwarka alongside the coastal region. It was identified as National Park in 1982. The attractive part of the National Park is its island, and it has 43 islands within it. As a tourist, we are allowed to visit only a few islands. The diverse bird range is another attraction for tourists. The favored island here is Narara Island and the best time to visit is in the winter season. You can come here by car and then walk for a while. Here the soothing and relaxing part is ankle-deep water. You will also get local guides to help you find things quickly. The National Park is situated in Western Gujarat in the Gulf of Kutch.

14. Somnath

Somnath temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas called shrines of Lord Shiva. The history of Somnath temple and its sandstone architecture is a well-known tempting fact that people want to know about it. The Somnath temple is a must-see during the Shivratri festival held in February or March every year, and also the Kartik Purnima fair is being organized there probably in November month. The key attraction of Kartik Purnima is small kids attired up as Lord Shiva, and you will see lots of ‘bhaang‘ there. The location is near the seaside in Southwest Gujarat.

15. Gir National Park

Gir National Park is one of the famous National Park in India, and now you will be able to see the Asiatic lion that is only found here in the world. Due to the efforts of the conservation team, the number of Asiatic lions is increasing. It is a type of dry deciduous forest, and you will see here around 300 types of birds. You will defiantly enjoy the Safari ride, and the Safari ride happens daily. You can plan your trip to Gir National Park in the month of April, May, or December. It is the best time to catch Asiatic Lion. It is located in Southwest Gujarat.

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